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Translating Aussie English

Aussie to American

jumper - sweater
how you going? - how are you?
bonnet - car hood
ute - pickup truck
me - my (example: me mum)
Mum - mom
Roundabout - rotary
Heaps - lots
Jug - pitcher. jug of the bitters for Emilia at the Chinese restaurant
Smoko - at Casella winery. mid morning break of a smoke and a snack
Muck - car wash sign: get the muck off your truck. Teresa: "I'm going to muck this up".
Bloke - Ross' term for guy
Yous - you plural
Singlet - undershirt
Serviette - napkin
Runners - sneakers
Chuck it in the bin - throw it out
entree is app and main is entree
College is high school,
uni is university
"We'll be right" - Flavio assured us when we didn't book lunch and it was crowded
Boot - car trunk. "Flavio put your jacket in the boot"
Car park - garage

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Memorable Moments:

~ in Griffith it was all about eating and drinking with family.

eating the freshly cured meats (and a new appreciation for salami) and drinking the homebrews around any kitchen table

eating oranges plucked right from Angelo's vine

~in Melbourne (which we both prefer if comparing to Sydney), giggling our way through the australia-hope-to-do-and-see list with Flav-eresa and the Fattore Fam
Searching for Australia's Big 5: The Vegemite, the kangaroo, the koala (with bonus, rarely seen footage Koala peeing),

the wineries, (but the *gasp* NZ Sauvignon Blancs), the ARL (the meat pies),

~in Queensland, Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and the moments out on our deck

~ in Sydney, seeing our first opera at the Opera House, the beaches and ferries


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