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The Days of our Griffith Lives Continues...


We walked into town via mcdonalds mccafe to borrow some internet connection and stopped at the pharmacy and post. Since when does it cost $2.60 to send a postcard? [Insert "I remember when..." old hag moment here.]

Angelo, Annalisa and Christopher picked us up at 1:30 for the Casella winery tour. Angelo's farm supplies them with grapes. What a production!

Les the Tour Guide greeted us in his hard hat, glasses and neon vest, and asked us to don the same. His golf cart took us to the original 3 bros farmhouse and site of first production. Now row after row of million gallon tanks line the grounds and a (new) brewery. 551249EA95D283D06744157BE1EA46EF.jpg
Kangaroo pin parting gift and a duo of Yellow Tail, one red, one white.

Even more impressive is Angelo's farm itself. In his ute he drove us through the vineyards, past the water tanks, into the shed, to the orange groves.
The grape vines are bare but the orange groves are ripe for the eating. Angelo plucked the fruits right from the trees. F8F7CBC42219AC6817B7B8DB9BF53460.jpg
Oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, oh my! So juicy, so delicious. The best I'd ever had.
We capped off our D'Aquino Farm tour with a visit to his parents' house where we met his mum, dad, and sister and ate limited batch Lindt.

Coreene and Ross' for BBQ. Beef steaks on grill, potatoes and lettuce. Chestnuts and oranges.
Bored them with wedding pics. Centerba made another appearance. Lauren was on the wagon, but m picked up her slack. Tales were spun, adding to the Days of our Griffith Lives.

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Reverse Birthday

Tuesday, our day of many appointments

Sylvia, our driver, picked us up in her Mazda CX-5. We buckled up for the wild ride for our afternoon appts.

Dom and D's for afternoon tea- double d style. Which means no tea at all. Homebrew. And cured meats, of course.
A personal tour from the fridge-owner himself, dom. First, it is The Cool Room, not merely a fridge.

We were quite late for our second appointment at Great Zia Dominica's. There were quite a few people there, including Dominica's oldest, Mary, and her husband John, both whom L met for the first time.
Dominica offered legit coffee and Bananaish bread. Not quite sure why, but there were quite a few gifts for Lauren. It was like Christmas in July with the bracelets and the necklaces.

Delivery Pizza back at Emilia's.
Coreene's birthday. Both fams came over. For Coreene's birthday she bought us a cookbook holder. That's not a typo. We gave her a scratchie. She didn't win. And Annalisa gave us a photo book for our travel photos. ?!

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What's up with the Second Wagga?

Our Drive to Melbourne


Equipped with a white Toyota Camry and a map, we left at 10 o'clock in the morning and drove south from Griffith, New South Wales and arrived just north of Melbourne, Victoria at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. We cruised at exactly 110 km/hr south, not a kilometer more, on B87 through the Riverina Region. It is fun to say names like Burrumbuttock and Warragoon, Mairjimmy and Coleambally. They sure like the double consonants. We stopped in Jerilderie, L referred to as Jumanji, for lunch.

Time: 10 - 5
Speed limit: 110 highway, 50 city

Gas $1.46/ liter
Miles: 318 from Griffith to Melbourne (a mere inch on the Australia map)
Flavio met us at the car drop- off location at Avis in Preston. We Loaded Favio's car with Angelo's bounty: a bushel of citrus and olive oil for Dominica. " you drove these oranges across state lines? And Angelo packed these up for you? You just broke interstate Aussie law!" Apparently it is illegal to transport citrus, plants, etc into another territory.

Flavio drove us to Dominca's house, where we met the awaiting first cousins-once removed, David, Kara, Chris, Daniel, cousin-in-law Teresa, and Zia Dominica, the eldest sibling in the DeMatteis fam. Dominica's Lasagna and chicken wings, lettuce and tiramisu. After a few laughs and vinos, we managed to shift the blame for the interterratory commerce violations from Angelo to Chris' oldest/newest best friend... Ricky.

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Melbourne City

Kara and David's Melbourne City Tour


We parked at crown casino car park and walked the Yarra River.


We stopped in the Alley for a sidewalk lunch and a photo-bomb.

We spent the afternoon wander, admiring the different architecture styles. L appreciated the non-matchy-matchiness of the buildings, the contrast between the modern all glass buildings, including the tallest one, Eureka!, and the New Orleans style ironwork and the Art Deco influenced buildings.

Matthew rolled his eyes as Kara and L shopped. Such a girly annoyance he thought as he bought ankle booties at Ugg City.

We stopped at Transport Bar for a mid-afternoon wine break.


Newly rejuvenated, we walked to Anzac (Australia New Zealand army corps) shrine.

We capped our day with the whole Fattore clan, including Dominica, for pizzas, brusselsprouts, and beer at Little Creatures Brewery.


Matthew scoffed as L explained, "I don't have any phobias, I just get a little funky sometimes"

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AFL 101:

As explained by Prof Flav-eresa

AFL 101
With Prof Flav-eresa

Carlton or Richmond?
Black and gold or blue and white?

Notes taken during Aussie-Rules Football League game televised Friday night, in preparation for the live AFL game we were scheduled to see on Saturday.

Different from Rugby or soccer.
Rugby can score by running in the ball, Aussie Rules must kick it, and Soccer is soccer.
Rugby is most physical.

18 teams. 2 in each of states except Tasmania has none And neither does Northern Territory and Victoria has rest (10). Used to be vfl Victorian football league until 30 yrs ago when it morphed into afl Australia-rules football.
9 games a week. 3 games each fri, sat, sun.
22 games a season plus playoffs.
No helmets, no padding. Waxed legs.

Flavio roots for Richmond. Teresa for Carlton. Each has taken two kin. A family divided.

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